"Your Offical Source When Buying Real Estate With Your IRA"
Attention Baby-Boomers and Disappointed Investors: Are you tired of waiting for the stock market to bail you out? Would you like to stop your retirement savings from losing ground? Making real estate investments through a self-directed IRA can re-build your savings and could provide a financially secure retirement. A self-directed IRA is essential in planning your retirement.


To date, there has been very little useful information available about self-directed IRAs, that is until now.  Written by a well respected authority on self-directed IRAs, our eBook, The Real Smart IRA - Guide To Buying Real Estate With Your IRA   provides a step-by-step guide that includes numerous tips, strategies, techniques and real world examples, all designed to help you achieve financial security by making real estate investments through IRAs, including Roths, SEPs, 401(k)s and more. 
Buy the eBook for only $19. With our eBook, you will learn how to quickly set up and fund your self-directed IRA by converting your existing IRA or other retirement account. You will learn to truly diversify your retirement accounts and reduce your risk by including real estate and real estate related assets like private mortgage notes in your retirement portfolio.